EU elections: "The government does not understand the importance of the nicotine issue"

The issue of nicotine and harm reduction could become an important election issue in the upcoming European elections. This is according to Tobias Andersson (SD), chair of the nutrition committee.
"But I don't feel that the government has really understood the importance of this issue, either at home or in Brussels." says Tobias Andersson.

The debate on nicotine pouches and other alternative nicotine products has gained momentum ahead of upcoming negotiations on a new and revised tobacco directive in the European Union. Swedish organisations and politicians are also getting involved. Some want the EU to ban all commercial nicotine in general. State-supported Non Smoking Generation has, for example, launched campaigns to ensure that anyone born after a certain year is never born again. should ever be allowed to buy nicotine products. Others, mainly more liberal advocacy organisations and politicians, want to see EU allows more smoke-free nicotine products to help more EU citizens find ways to quit smoking.

Swedish companies are affected

In the Swedish Parliament nicotine issues were recently debated from a public health perspective. However, there are other aspects to the issue of nicotine and the products that are actually on the market. The Swedish companies, which produce a large part of the smokeless nicotine products sold in Sweden, but also in various EU countries, are the most important ones. will be greatly affected of forthcoming legislation.

"Sweden has a long history of both snus production and consumption, and we should be proud of the nicotine pouches created and sold by Swedish-linked companies. Any attack on nicotine pouches would be unfortunate for both public health and the companies involved." says Tobias Andersson (sd) to Vejpkollen.

"Harm reduction should be safeguarded"

Tobias Andersson, chairman of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, has on several occasions raised the issue of harm minimisation and Smoke-free nicotine in parliament. And he is critical of the current government's behaviour in the EU.

"The Sweden Democrats have long realised that Swedish snus has contributed to our public health and has led to Sweden having the lowest tobacco-related mortality rate in the entire EU. Today, there are many more nicotine products that lack the harmful effects of cigarettes, which is why the principle of harm reduction should be safeguarded to a greater extent by the government." says Tobias Andersson to Vejpkollen.

How do you think the current government is handling the issue of Swedish smoke-free nicotine products in relation to the EU? How would you like them to act?

"In connection with the ANDTS strategy, the Swedish Parliament has determined that harm minimisation should be the guiding principle. Against this background and for the sake of public health, the government should clearly stand up for both the classic Swedish snus and other smoke-free nicotine products."

Do you think this issue is taken seriously enough by government representatives in the EU?

"No, you probably can't say that. It may become one of the major election issues in the EP election campaign, and I don't think the government has realised the importance of this issue either at home or in Brussels." says Tobias Andersson.

Ahead of the 2024 European Parliament elections

Vejpkollen will be continuously monitoring the road to the upcoming EU parliamentary elections on 6-9 June 2024. Of course, the monitoring will be done from the perspective of the a user perspective and focuses on issues of nicotine and harm reduction for smokers. Do you have tips on politicians or organisations you want us to take the pulse of? Do not hesitate to contact the editorial team!

1 Comment on “EU-valet: ”Regeringen förstår inte hur viktig frågan om nikotin egentligen är”

  1. Snus is a Swedish tradition in Sweden for many, and therefore it should/must remain. It is voluntary to start snus, and you must be of age (18 years) to buy snus.
    Sure, snus is harmful, and we know that. Alcohol is also harmful - Should we close all systembolag in Sweden + That all restaurants and bars, pubs may not sell any alcohol anymore too. Do we want to live in a society like this? Would not think so.
    In just 10-15 years, our beautiful Sweden has gone completely to hell, and it will get worse.

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