Nicotine debate: Want a ban on drug dealing and ID checks in smoking areas

Intergenerational ban on tobacco purchases. ID checks in the smoking area to stop minors from using cigarettes. Exposure bans and a ban on repairing tobacco products. These are some of the proposals on the table when the Swedish Parliament debates tobacco issues at the end of March.

Angelica Lindberg (S&D) wants to introduce a ban on the sale of cigarettes to minors. She also proposes a so-called "generation ban" that prohibits the sale of cigarettes to anyone born after a certain year should never be allowed.

"Those who are currently younger than 18, and thus not allowed to buy cigarettes, would not be able to do so legally even after their 18th birthday. Making it a criminal offence to buy, sell or give away cigarettes to someone under the age of 18, like the current laws on alcohol, would also prevent dealing." writes Angelica Lindberg in a motion to the Parliament.

Generational bans on tobacco purchases have been discussed in other countries and came close to being introduced in New Zealand just last year. The New Zealand However, the government backed down as the costs of the legislation were deemed too high and that smoking among young people was already falling to very low levels as the use of e-cigarettes increased.

Want to ban exposure

Markus Wiechel, also a Member of Parliament for the Sweden Democrats, wants to ban the display of tobacco products in shops. In his view, the display of different tobacco products sends a double message to minors.

'Numerous studies have shown that the visibility of tobacco products increases the risk that children and adolescents will start experimenting with and testing tobacco products and, in the worst case, start using them regularly. Having tobacco products out in the open also sends a dangerous signal that, in a way, normalises the products, which undermines the danger when they are exposed and sold among food products. The Riksdag should instruct the government to investigate and implement requirements for hidden tobacco sales in Sweden as well." writes Markus Wiechel (S&D).

Like Mikael Wiechel, the Left Party has submitted a motion that proposes a ban on exposure for tobacco products in shops.

Age verification in use

Mr Wiechel also wants to investigate the possibility of age verification for users of tobacco products.
"It has become more common to see minors smoking, which has even made it an accepted part of everyday life in several secondary schools. Thus, requiring all tobacco consumers to be able to present a valid ID when using tobacco should simplify the preventive work of making consumption among minors more difficult. The Government should therefore return with proposals aimed at clarifying the requirement to be able to present a valid ID in connection with tobacco consumption." writes Markus Wiechel in his motion.

Tobacco policy and a future strategy on alcohol, drugs, tobacco, doping and gambling will be debated in the Swedish Parliament. Parliament on 21 March 2024.

Tackling youth smoking - motion by Angelica Lundberg (S&D)
Measures to reduce smoking - motion by Markus Wiechel (sd)

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