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Vejpkollen started as a news blog and is now a regular magazine. It is a platform for up-to-date information on e-cigarettes, or vejpning, which is the Swedish word for using electronic cigarettes, as well as other nicotine products that keep ex-smokers smoke-free.

The idea of Vejpkollen is to convey news about e-cigs and other smoke-free ways of using nicotine, from a perspective that is relevant and useful to users. It can be about health issues, research, trends, politics or anything else that is important for those who quit smoking with the help of vaping (vape, vaping or however the user chooses to write), snus or nicotine pouches.

Vejpkollen is an independent newspaper run by SM Media Productions AB. I am the owner, editor-in-chief and publisher, Stefan Mathisson. The magazine was founded in 2019 to give users and those involved in the field of harm reduction a platform for debate and news about the phenomenon. I wanted to create a forum where the issues reflect the reality of the vast majority of people who use nicotine today. The overall aim is therefore to raise the issue of harm minimisation for smokers to a higher level, to promote the debate and to contribute to a development where users have a natural voice in the conversation.

The magazine is of course registered with Mprt*.

The person running this project (or whatever it is) has previously worked as an editor, photographer, editor and reporter in both specialised and daily newspapers, but also behind the counter in a vape shop for many years. I currently work as freelancing journalist and media consultant - something that allows me to finance the Vejpkollen project.. The magazine has become a natural combination of my background, my own history as a smoker and my keen interest in harm reduction. Requests for coverage, other collaborations, news tips and comments are best sent to stefan (snabel-a) vejpkollen.se

It is also possible to support Vejpkollen via less Patreon - which you can read more about here!

*The certificate of publication is a constitutional protection that includes protection of informants (sources may not be investigated by authorities) and that the responsible publisher is the one who is criminally responsible for a publication (not individual writers).

Take it easy!

Stefan Mathisson, publisher, editor and founder, vejpkollen.se.

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  1. Both you and the EU and the government shouldn't give a damn if we smoke or snuff we are the ones who decide we are not serfs most of us are adults....

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