Holiday special: Banning e-cigs in 40 countries

Are you travelling? In which countries can you buy and use e-cigarettes? Or perhaps more importantly, in which countries can you NOT do so? The online magazine Vaping360 did a deep dive and Vejpkollen has taken a closer look at the list.

Updated July 2023

According to the survey, which Vaping360 made 40 countries around the world have some form of ban on e-cigarettes. However, the scope can be different. In some countries, the ban ranges from sale to import, possession or use at all. 

"Total bans are most common in Asia, the Middle East and South America," notes Vaping360. "Meanwhile, Australia has an odd ban on the sale of e-liquid with nicotine without a doctor's prescription. Japan also bans all nicotine e-juice while allowing heat-not-burn systems such as IQOS."

Cigarettes are always legal...

So, if you're travelling, it might be wise to go through the list first and adjust your packing (and shopping) accordingly. In the countries that not are listed, it is possible to sell, buy and use e-cigarettes. However, there may be regulation of flavours and flavourings. But that is a separate story.

It is worth noting that traditional cigarettes are authorised to be both sold and consumed in Europe. all countries below. Of course.

E-cigarettes are TOTALLY banned from sale, import and use in the following countries:

Cambodia, Ethiopia, Gambia, Laos, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Qatar, Singapore, Syria, Thailand (see comment below), Vatican City and East Timor.

E-cigarettes are banned from sale but authorised for use in the following countries:

Antigua, Barbuda, Bhutan, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Jamaica, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macao, Mauritius, Mexico, Nepal, Oman, Panama, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Timor-Leste, Turkey (see comment below), Turkmenistan, Uganda, Uruguay, Venezuela.

The following countries have specific rules and quite extensive bans on e-cigarettes:


It is legal to vape in Australia and vape shops are allowed to sell mods, tanks and nicotine-free e-liquid. However, and this is important to remember, it is illegal to import AND possess nicotine e-liquid unless you have a doctor's prescription. Getting caught at customs can be expensive - up to $222,000 (almost £2 million!). Vejpkollen has written about the situation in Australia on several occasions. Read more here.


It is permitted to weigh in Turkey. But there is also a ban on the sale and import of weaving products. How all the country's road users (there is a fairly large community) get their stuff is left unwritten...


In Thailand, it is illegal to sell and import vaping products. It is also forbidden to use e-cigarettes openly and even tourists have faced harsh penalties for vaping. At the same time, there are some reports from vapers with conflicting information. According to Vaping360, it is unclear whether the act of vaping is actually illegal. Vejpkollen has written about the situation in Thailand on a few occasions. Read more about this here.


It is legal to vape and purchase vaping products in the vast majority of states. However, according to Vaping360, there are local bans on the sale of vaping products in most states. San Francisco and some smaller cities in California.

The Nordic countries: 

I Sweden There are no bans on e-cigarettes, flavours or use in Iceland. Vaping is forbidden in places where smoking is normally prohibited.

Denmark, Finland and Norway are different. In our Nordic neighbours, road transport is allowed. However, the sale and import of certain products is prohibited. 

Denmark's flavour ban and disposable guns

In Denmark, the practice one-off models banned from sale (they're pretty much everywhere anyway, mind you). Even flavourings other than tobacco and menthol are banned in Denmark. However, it is allowed to bring prohibited products across the border. However, Danes can not importing prohibited products online.

Import and flavour ban in Finland

Finland has a similar ban on flavours as Denmark. In addition, the online sales of weather products illegal. Finns trying to import everything from mods, e-juices and accessories often run into patrols at customs. 

Norway - no juice with nicotine

In Norway, it is legal to vape and buy products. But so far it is not allowed to sell e-liquid with nicotine. The ban also applies to pure nicotine pouches. However, snus and cigarettes are allowed on the market and manufacturers of nicotine pouches get around the ban by adding a small amount of tobacco to the pouch. Norwegian road users may import their own nicotine for personal use.

Prohibition = black market

It is worth noting that e-cigarettes, and in particular single-use models, are actually fairly easy to obtain in several of the countries mentioned. The black market is extensive. In some countries, taping was popular and accepted when a comprehensive ban was introduced. It is likely that the demand there was met by both established companies and users such as moved the business underground. At the same time disposable models have exploded. in popularity and can be found everywhere even in countries with bans.

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  1. Don't change the tax on white snus - it was my saviour when I quit smoking after 70 years - don't touch my white snus!

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