Large e-cig shop in Gothenburg closes down

The Vejp store Light Your Fire on Hisingen in Gothenburg is closing down. This is now clear after the owners informed the customers via their social media. The reason is high rents and difficulties in finding a new...

"Religious opposition to e-cigs and nicotine pouches"

What happens in a country where cannabis is allowed to flow freely, but all alternatives to cigarettes are seen as the devil's invention? Vejpkollen spoke to Rob de Lange and the inventor of the nicotine pouch, Karl Fagerström.

Research: "Flavour bans led to increased cigarette sales"

Banning flavours in e-cigarettes increased sales of traditional cigarettes. This is according to a new US study. "The evidence suggests that more young people started buying cigarettes instead of e-cigarettes," says economist Michael Pesko.