Interest in nicotine products increases - mostly for vapes and white snus

Interest in e-cigarettes, especially disposable models, continues to grow in Sweden. In the first quarter of 2024, the number of online searches via Google for various disposable models increased by as much as 67 per cent. This is according to an analysis by the retailer

More and more Swedes are searching for information on various nicotine products via Google. Interest has increased overall since previous years, but of all categories, the number of searches for e-cigarettes is increasing by far the most.

"The emerging category of "vapes", formerly known as e-cigarettes, stands out in the statistics. With an astounding growth of 67%" writes the retailer (via Snuskuriren), which regularly collects statistics on consumer behaviour in the nicotine products segment.

Heated tobacco - a monopoly market

After vapes and e-cigarettes, interest in heat-not-burn products. The number of searches for these products has increased by 17% since last year. 

"The heated tobacco category has an almost monopoly-like brand dominance. According to Google search data in Sweden, brand searches have increased from 98% to 100% between Q4 2023 and Q1 2024, suggesting that when consumers think of HNB, they think specifically of Iqos. This single-minded focus on one brand is unique in the world of snus and nicotine products." writes Snuskuriren.

Strong interest in new

Interest in traditional snus remains high, while interest in white snus continues to grow. In the first quarter of 2024, the number of searches for nicotine pouches increased by 20%.

"This overall picture shows a market in flux, with both new and established categories adapting to meet dynamic demand. The digital search patterns indicate that Swedish consumers are curious, hungry for information and still willing to explore new options," writes Snuskuriren.

Established brands dominate

When it comes to individual brands,'s research shows that the vast majority of people searching for white snus, for example, search for specific product names.

"An overwhelming proportion (93%) of searches are directly linked to brands, suggesting a market where brand awareness and curiosity about new brands plays a critical role. The fact that some brand promotion is allowed is very likely to have an impact." writes Snuskuriren.

No giants in vapes

However, when it comes to e-cigarettes and vapes, the search pattern is more differentiated and difficult to understand, the retailer notes.

"It is clear that the Swedish vapes market has not yet established any brand giants as we have seen in snus and white snus. The overwhelming majority of searches, 84%, are not linked to any specific brands, which is remarkable and may suggest a general search for information about the category as a whole rather than about individual products. Or that the loyalty is rather towards flavours, strengths and number of puffs." writes Snuskuriren.

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