Four burglaries in one month - 'A nightmare'

After four incidents, bulletproof glass that was broken anyway, an insurance company that cancelled him, 100 000 back and finally an arrest of the perpetrators, Mateo Lozano hopes that the nightmare month will finally be over. The small roadside shop in Karlskrona was hit by four burglaries in one month.

Such as the Road Column written about earlier young juice maker Mateo Lozano is the man behind uVape, with both an online and physical store. A successful career as a photographer was ruined by the COVID-19 pandemic, but when the only e-cig shop in Karlskrona closed down, Mateo Lozano saw his chance and invested his savings in a new business. The e-juice production, which had previously been a hobby, became a business and then the only physical vape shop in south-eastern Sweden, a small shop in the centre of Karlskrona.

14-year-old looking for disposable weapons

The store opened with a bang in 2021, with local media attention and delight among Karlskrona's small circle of road warriors. So far, so good. But now, after two years, it is clear that all is not a bed of roses. In just one month, the shop has been hit by burglaries, in clusters, a total of four broken windows and several thefts.

- For a month it has been very difficult. We have had four incidents, with two real burglaries and two additional attempts," Mateo Lozano tells Vejpkollen.

The loot has mostly consisted of disposable weapons, which are likely to have been sold on illegally. 

- The first attempt was a boy who was only 14 years old. He was caught before entering the shop. The police are wondering if he was sent by others because he is not of legal age. 

Your shop is still opposite the police station in Karlskrona?

- It's behind the police station, but yes. They can't see directly over the shop, but they should have heard the bangs anyway. They've gone in by smashing windows every time. The fourth time I had put in bulletproof glass, but they still managed to break it. 

No insurance after two burglaries

All in all, it has cost Matteo around SEK 100 000 in losses, including both goods and glass costs. The insurance helped with the first break-in, but then they said no more. 

-"When I initially took out the insurance, they were calm. But after two burglaries I was cancelled as they thought the risk was too high. So it has been an extremely difficult and costly month.

"Bigger holes"

Investing your own savings and running a specialist shop in a small town like Karlskrona may not be the most lucrative job there is, if you believe Matteo. "Even if it's going around, it's clear that a setback like this puts a dent in it. 

- If you don't want to become a multi-millionaire, you can. But it would probably be easier if the city was a bit bigger.

After the fourth burglary, the perpetrators were finally caught and Mateo hopes for a quieter summer ahead.

- They've gone there and I've now arranged both the bars and Securitas, so I hope and believe that things will be calm now," says Mateo Lozano.

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  1. Luckily you're not fucking tired of this. It was bad enough that you couldn't make your own snus. I started snusing when I was 10 years old, have been snusing for 50 years. Got dementia, snus is one of the last gold grains I have left in life 😭.

  2. Låt snuset vara som de är.Dom som sitter i EU är inte friska någon av dom verkar de som 🤬ta tag i alla knarklangare istället och låt snusare sköta sitt eget

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