Covid-19 not worse because of e-cigarettes

In this article, Vejpkollen asks whether vejphing and e-cigarettes increase the risks of COVID-19 disease caused by the coronavirus. We sought the answers from two prominent researchers. Linda Bauld from the University of Edinburgh and Louise Adermark from the University of Gothenburg.

Smokers have previously identified as a group at higher risk if they were to be infected by the coronavirus. But in a recent article published in Scientific American some doctors suggest that e-cigarette users are also at risk. They refer to studies on mice and lab tests on cellular tissues, where the vapour could possibly affect parts of the immune system. Swedish television, SVT, also used the article to highlight e-cigarettes in the context of the coronavirus.

COVID-19 and e-cigarettes

But what do these studies really mean? And should vejpers be worried? Vejpkollen put the question to a few high-profile researchers in the field.

Linda Bauld is Professor of Public Health at the University of Edinburgh. Her extensive research has had a significant impact on e-cigarette legislation in a number of countries, including in United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand. And she believes that the studies that Scientific American are inadequate. But also that we do not know enough to draw any firm conclusions.

"There are no human studies linking vejping to complications with COVID-19. However, we know that respiratory symptoms improve for smokers who switch to e-cigarettes. We see an example of this in ex-smokers with asthma. And since almost all vejpakers are ex-smokers, it would be irresponsible to encourage them to quit vejpa because of the risks of COVID-19. Especially since the alternative in most cases is to return to cigarettes" says Linda Bauld to Vejpkollen.

Important not to start smoking again

Linda Bauld argues that those who do not need to use e-cigarettes should not do so either. Even though there is no evidence to suggest that vejping increases the risk of Covid-19 infection.

"The most important thing is that vejpers who have quit smoking do not start smoking again. This is especially important during this pandemic when smoking has serious respiratory consequences." says Linda Bauld.

"No need to be extra worried"

She is joined by Louise Adermark, a researcher in addiction medicine at the Department of Psychiatry and Neurochemistry at the University of Gothenburg. Louise Adermark has, among other things, compiled information to educate the County Council about e-cigarettes in Sweden. She is the researcher that the Swedish media often calls when the topic of vejping comes up for debate.

Do you see e-cigarettes as a risk factor in COVID-19?

"Since the statistics still indicate that age is the main risk factor, vejps probably don't need to be particularly worried. But if you still feel worried, it is always wise to reduce your consumption" says Louise Adermark to Vejpkollen.

No support in research

However, like Linda Bauld, she emphasises that we have too little data at the moment to say anything definite about vejpning and COVID-19.

"Although it is conceivable that nicotine inhalers make the lungs a little more vulnerable to infection, there is currently little evidence that e-cigarette users could be a risk group. Especially considering that asthmatics are still relatively spared by COVID-19" says Louise Adermark.

For more information on Coronavirus and vejpning you can read a longer statement from two researchers who go through several technical issues. details on the subject here(note: PDF).

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