French e-cig shops reopen - "in the public interest"

French vejp shops are now recognised as "general interest" shops. This means they are allowed to stay open despite the lockdown in hard-hit France. This was announced by several vejp-related organisations in the country.

"The authorities acted quickly after we warned about the risks of closing the vejp shops during the COVID-19 crisis. We sincerely thank the Minister of Health for listening," writes the non-profit vejp association. #Sovape on its website.

Vejpkollen has previously reported on the dismal state of the French vejpshoppar in corona-affected France. And just last week, it looked like e-cigarette shops would have to stay closed during the ban in the country.

However, following a vote in the French Parliament, it is now clear that this will not be the case. Roadside shops are now considered to be of "public interest" and are allowed to stay open until further notice, but under strict hygiene guidelines.

According to the professional organisation FIVAPE this is not just a way to help ex-smokers stay away from smoking. It is a recognition, from the highest level, that vejping is important for public health in France.

"For years, representatives of the medical and health professions have argued that vejping is an excellent tool to combat smoking. Today, the government has also officially taken the same position. We are delighted" ssays the organisation on its website.

Sectoral organisations FIVAPE organises 700 of the country's vejp shoppers and according to the association #sovape there are currently 3 million vejpers in France.

In the past, even the Italian authorities classified vejp shops as important to the public. This comes after both organisations and doctors told the government that e-cigarettes effectively keep ex-smokers away from cigarettes. Cigarette smoking is hinted at in an new study links to the more severe cases of CIVID-19 in Italy and China.

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