E-cig shops forced to close - tobacco shops remain

French vejpshop: "We will not let customers fall back on cigarettes. We stay open anyway"

In an extended effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the French government has decided to close virtually all shops in the country. The ban also applies to vejp shops selling e-cigarettes, but not to tobacconists selling cigarettes.

ATTENTION! Since 18 March sheep French vejp shops open again! Ny article here!

According to the Vaping Post newspaper, vital businesses such as pharmacies, banks and service centres have been granted exemptions, as have tobacco retailers. This has caused several e-cigarette shops in the country to protest. French Vaping Post

"If the tobacconists are open, I am open. I'm not going to let my customers worry about going back to smoking," writes one shop owner, commenting on an article in the magazine Vaping Post.

Counted as tobacco products

According to the Vaping Post, the French trade organisation for e-cigarettes, FIVAPEhas been in contact with the health authority on this issue. The authority has previously authorised the closure of bars, nightclubs and restaurants but is now extending the ban to other activities. The final message was that vejpshoppes are not an important asset for the population. This is despite the fact that closed vejp shops risk increasing the number of smokers in the country. Something that in turn impairs the users' ability to deal with the coronavirus, writes Vaping Post.

Several shops have already closed down, partly out of concern for staff. Others argue that under the law, e-cigarettes (EU TPD - same as in Sweden) are already recognised as tobacco products and should receive the same exemption as tobacco retailers.

"I stay open, but by myself and without regular staff. I only let in two customers at a time, use protective gloves, provide hand sanitiser and clean the counter and everything customers touch, regularly" writes one shop owner. "There is an obvious risk that if I close, my customers will be forced to start smoking again."

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