British scientists appeal: reopen the roadside shops!

British researchers are appealing to authorities to allow vejp shops and dedicated e-cig shops to remain open during the coronavirus crisis. Currently, shops are required to close under quarantine laws.

"I want the UK authorities to categorise vejp shops as 'particularly important to the public'. These shops can ensure that ex-smokers have easy access to e-cigarettes. This will reduce the risk of them returning to smoking, which in turn would risk further strain on our hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic."

It says Dr Lion Shahab, a researcher specialising in public health and psychology at the University of London (UCL) to the online magazine Planet of the Vapes. He has previously published studies on the health effects of e-cigarettes by, among other things British Cancer Society.

A popular option

And Lion Shahab is joined by several other health scientists and doctors in the UK. These include Dr Caitlin Notley, who is responsible for research on pregnancy and vejp at the National Research Council of East Anglia.

"E-cigarettes are a popular method of quitting smoking. And it is an effective way. Smokers should be encouraged to use e-cigarettes instead of smoking," she added. Science Media Centre

Less risk in COVID-19

According to Caitlyn Notley, it is particularly important to pregnant smokerswho are vulnerable to infection, are helped to quit smoking. Replacing smoking with e-cigarettes reduces the risk of the coronavirus and COVID-19 disease, she says.

"For those smokers who switch completely from cigarettes to vejping, we see a significant improvement in cardiovascular and lung health. And this in turn provides a better prognosis if they were to be affected by COVID-19," Caitlyn Notley told the Science Media Centre..

Italy and France authorise e-cig shops

At the time of writing, the UK authorities have not decided whether or not to exempt vejp shoppers from the lockdown in the country. In countries like Italy and France e-cigarette shops are allowed to stay open, although like other shops they are heavily impacted by the quarantine laws in each country.

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