Reduced tax on snus attracts a lot of attention

"A disaster!". "A proposal influenced by the tobacco industry".
"An example for other EU countries to follow"
The government's plans to reduce the tax on snus, and to finance the measure with higher taxes on cigarettes, are attracting attention. Harsh words from Swedish interest groups but also praise from user organisations and activists around the world.

"It's a disaster!"

So says Helen Stjerna, secretary general of the Non Smoking Generation Foundation, commenting on the Swedish government's plans to reduce taxes on snus and finance it by increasing taxes on smoking tobacco. According to Helen Stjerna, a reduced tax on snus will lead to more snus users.
"We don't need more people to use snus, we should help more people to stop using snus," says Mr Perez. Helen Stjerna via an article on the NSG website.

Want to make snus more expensive

The Non Smoking Generation is a lobbying organisation for funding by the Public Health Agency to discourage the use of cigarettes among young people. In recent years, however, foundations have focused more on forms of nicotine use other than smoking - such as snus and e-cigarettes. According to Helen Stjerna snus is "deadly" - something she says is confirmed by research. At the same time, she believes that increasing the tax on cigarettes and rolling tobacco is a positive step, although she would also like to see an increase in the tax on snus.

"Taxes on tobacco have proved to be a very effective way to prevent smoking globally", says Mr Perez. Helen Stjerna.

Damage minimisation has taken hold

She is supported by the state-funded think tank Tobaksfakta and its chairperson Lena Sjöberg. According to Lena Sjöberg  the government's decision to promote snus over cigarettes is a setback.

"This proposal can be interpreted as the tobacco industry's message of harm reduction having gained a foothold in politics," says Mr Perez. Lena Sjöberg i a press release. 

"Sweden becomes a role model"

At the same time, the Swedish government's actions are attracting international attention. Michael Landl, Secretary General of the activist organisation World Vapers Alliance says the decision is exemplary. He points to the low rate of smoking in Sweden.

'In Sweden, harm minimisation for smokers is no longer a theoretical concept. It is something that is effectively practised and it works. The rest of the EU should really follow suit," Mr Landl told us. The online magazine The Vaping Post.

"Attracting smokers to safer alternatives"

The magazine Pouch Patrol, which lobbies for harm reduction alternatives such as snus and nicotine pouches for smokers in Europe, also believes that the Swedish government is sending important signals to the EU.

"The Swedish government has announced that the tax on snus will be reduced while the price of cigarettes will be increased. This sends a clear signal to the rest of Europe: the fastest and most powerful way to save more lives is to encourage more smokers to switch to safer alternatives for nicotine use." the newspaper writes in a commentary.

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  1. Why should the EU interfere with our snus when we don't interfere with their wine/beer?
    We should stick with the EC instead of the EU, and then we wouldn't need the EU to interfere with our snus rules.

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