Flavour ban delayed - vejpare demonstrated outside Parliament.

The government's legislative proposal for a flavour ban on e-cigarettes has been delayed. This became clear yesterday. At the same time, activists, vejpers and entrepreneurs demonstrated outside Parliament. The message was that flavoured e-cigarettes help smokers to quit.

On 22 March, the government would present its legislative proposal banning flavourings, except those that give "a distinct smell and taste of tobacco", in e-cigarettes and e-liquid. But no proposal was ever made. The new date for the bill is now reportedly 31 March.

"At least it gives us more time to protest and stop this," says Mr Perez. Victor Bryn-Jensen President of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Organisation, BELC.

"Flavours are important"

Victor Bryn-Jensen was one of about 20 vejpers and entrepreneurs who gathered outside the Parliament building to demonstrate against the flavour ban. Organisations World Vapers Alliance highlighted the message with a bicycle-borne banner in bright colours. 

"We want to show the benefits of different flavours. And clearly show that e-cigarettes are not smoking. On the contrary: e-cigarettes are there to keep cigarettes away. And good flavours are very important," says Michael Landl from the World Vapers Alliance.

"Månag the photographer"

In the afternoon, the demonstration moved from Mynttorget and through the centre of Stockholm to spread its message. 

"A lot of people see us, a lot of people take photos and that's positive. We vejpers must use every opportunity we have to be seen now. Our campaign starts here in Sweden and continues this week to the Netherlands, where the government is also working on introducing a flavour ban," says the director. Michael Landl.

Decision by the Social Affairs Committee in May

According to Parliament's scheduled processing the flavour ban will now reach Parliament on 16 June. Before that, the bill must go through the Social Affairs Committee. The Social Affairs Committee is a kind of miniature parliament where members of parliament with a focus on health issues prepare proposals for the vote in parliament. "This is really where the important decision is made," says the committee. Victor Bryn-Jensen.

"The Social Affairs Committee is scheduled to discuss the issue from 10 May and make a decision by 31 May. Before then, it is important that we as vejpar, and others affected by a flavour ban, make our voices heard. In every way we can" says Victor Bryn-Jensen.

Rules for nicotine pouches

The same proposal also includes new rules for nicotine pouches. Currently, nicotine pouches are completely unregulated in terms of product standard, marketing and age limit. Victor Bryn-Jensen is in favour of stricter rules for nicotine pouches. But he believes that the issue of these products risks overshadowing the seriousness of the flavour ban.

"Everyone wants regulation of nicotine pouches. There is a risk that the flavour ban will simply slip away. We really want to highlight this. A flavour ban is a huge restriction and affects many people who need flavours in e-cigarettes to stay smoke-free. Of course, it also affects the companies that sell e-cigarettes. Among BELC members, 85% of e-juice sales consist of flavours other than 'tobacco'." Victor Bryn-Jensen.


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1 Comment on “Smakförbud försenat – vejpare demonstrerade utanför riksdagen.

  1. Just a little reflection, even though these nicotine pills are unregulated, nothing terrible has happened. Serious traders don't sell them to minors anyway. This was pretty much the case even before e-cigs became unregulated. Of course, some regulation is good, but it must be proportionate to the risks and not based on Anglo-Saxon puritanism. It's unnecessary with these little 10ml, a lot of waste of space. Nobody complained about my e-cig on the outdoor terraces then and nobody complains now either😊.

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