"Without flavours, e-cigarettes do not work"

"I don't want to become a smoker again. Why do you want me to?"

Users, committed vejpers and entrepreneurs ask this question in a film aimed at politicians in the Social Affairs Committee ahead of the decision on the flavour ban.

Behind the film are Linus "Koyuki" Gustafsson, former smoker and now e-juice manufacturer and vejp shop owner. The film is intended to set a tone for the politicians who have the opportunity to influence the decision on the flavour ban. But also to give a picture of what vejping Sweden looks like.

"I asked everyone who could to make a short film. I asked them to talk about why e-cigarettes work for them and what flavour they use to stay smoke-free" says Linus Gustafsson to Vejpkollen.

"Peach, kiwi, strawberry, apple pie"

From the film clips, Linus Gustafsson compiled a collage of stories from the Swedish vejp shelf. The result was a short film about why different flavours are important when smokers become vejpers.

"For me, it was a taste of peach that did the trick. By then I had tried to quit 20 times with other methods. It was the fruit-flavoured e-cig that worked. I hear the same story from most people who vejpar and are smoke-free today. It's all about kiwi, strawberry, apple pie, banana, milkshake," says Mr Perez. Linus Gustafsson

Government wants only tobacco flavours

The film now becomes a part of a campaign to counter the Social Democrats' proposed flavour ban. The ban is part of the government's bill "Tougher rules for new nicotine products". The new law proposes, among other things, a new regulatory framework for nicotine pouches, products that have so far been unregulated. But in the same bill, the government also proposes to all flavours that "do not give a distinct taste and smell of tobacco" will be banned in e-cigarettes and e-liquids.

"85% of all Swedes who use e-cigarettes choose flavours other than tobacco" says Linus Gustafsson. "A lot of people want to get away from the taste of tobacco, they don't want to be reminded of smoking all the time. The government's proposal is a slap in the face for them."

Discussion in the Social Affairs Committee

The film is now on YouTube and is starting to spread on social media. The Parliament will vote on the flavour ban on 21 June. Before that, the bill will be prepared in the Social Affairs Committee until 31 May.

Watch the film here:

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