State bans all e-cigarettes - promotes nicotine patches

Massachusetts bans the sale of ALL vejp products for four months. This is the hardest blow to local vejp shops yet in the US, with several states now planning to ban various vejp products.

The reason is that the Massachusetts authorities "need time" to determine whether the sudden outbreak of lung damage among e-cigarette users in the US is related to the coronavirus. "nicotine or THC to do”.

The ban will take effect immediately and merchants will have to take the goods off the shelves immediately. For vejpshoppers, who only sell vejp-related products, this of course means that shelves will be emptied and no sales at all will take place for the next four months.
The authorities make no mention of how they intend to deal with the bankruptcies now affecting hundreds of vejp shops in the state.

Nicotine patches for vejpare

Other players in the nicotine market are better off. Cigarettes are not affected by the ban, and the authorities are spending extra large orders to different pharmaceutical companies:

"The State will ensure that there are enough other nicotine preparations and medicines, such as chewing gum and nicotine patches, in pharmacies and that anyone, even without a prescription, can buy them through their health insurance." Massachusetts authorities announce.

Local vejpers are now trying to organise a social media campaign under the hashtag #vapingsavedmylife, urging e-cigarette users who quit smoking with the products to contact the Massachusetts Department of Health to stop the ban.

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