Israel to ban pre-filled tanks for e-cigarettes

Flavoured pre-filled tanks with oil-based e-juice close to being banned in Israel. CNBC reports this on its website.

Israeli media are reporting a possible ban on certain e-juices and e-cigarettes in the country. However, it is unclear whether the ban will only apply to pre-filled tanks of regular e-juice (not oil-based) or also to e-juice sold in separate bottles. According to another newspaper Times of Israel, the government is making plans to ban e-cigarettes altogether.

Such a ban would not be completely alien to the Israeli government, which last year banned the sale of the JUUL e-cigarette brand in the country. On the other hand, that decision was justified by the fact that JUUL's pods contained "extremely high levels of nicotine". JUUL uses nicotine salt (modified nicotine with much less throat hit than traditional nicotine) and produces pre-filled tanks with nicotine levels up to 50mg/ml.

Reds note: it should be mentioned that CNBC's reporting is very unclear, the words used are "ban of e-cigarettes" mixed with "ban of oil-based cartidges" and references to the fact that India has banned all sales of e-cigarettes. What the Israeli authorities will do is not entirely clear, in other words.

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