The debate on nicotine: "Taste is not harmful"

"Flavour is not harmful. Nicotine, however, is both addictive and harmful. Limiting nicotine levels in nicotine portions is therefore important," said Johan Hultberg (m) in connection with the parliamentary debate on nicotine issues and...

SD: "Introduce harm reduction in tobacco policy"

A better investigation into the relative risks of different nicotine products and a new framework for managing tobacco and nicotine products. This is what the Sweden Democrats are now proposing ahead of the upcoming debate on ANDTS issues in the Social Affairs Committee.

Ireland skips tax increase on e-juice

A planned new tax designed to make life a little more pleasant for smokers has now been scrapped in Ireland. Authorities fear that it would lead to fewer people quitting smoking. 

Leaving Australia after ban on e-cigarettes

Australian youtuber and vejp celebrity "Vaping Bogan" has decided to leave his home country due to the government's ban on the sale and import of e-cigarettes. His followers are now crowdfunding money for...