The debate on nicotine: "Taste is not harmful"

"Flavour is not harmful. Nicotine, however, is both addictive and harmful. Limiting nicotine levels in nicotine portions is therefore important".
Johan Hultberg (M) said this in connection with the parliamentary debate on nicotine issues and proposals to ban the flavour of white snus and e-cigarettes.

The Moderates will continue to pursue a policy of harm minimisation in tobacco policy. This was made clear after Johan Hultberg (m) and Jesper Skalberg Karlsson (m) debated the issues in parliament.
"We believe it is important to have a policy that makes a clear distinction between the harmfulness of different products and that focuses on prevention and harm reduction. Therefore, a new overall goal for the ANDTS policy and a new ANDTS strategy are needed." said Johan Hultberg.

"Taste is not harmful"

At the same time, Hultberg emphasised the importance of regulating the new nicotine products that are now entering the market. However, he argued that a flavour ban on nicotine pouches or e-cigarettes would miss the mark. Two parties, the Left Party and the Social Democrats, have submitted motions proposing flavour bans.

"A majority in the Parliament has already said no to introducing any pie-in-the-sky proposals to ban flavours. Flavour is not harmful. Nicotine, however, is both addictive and harmful to health. It is therefore good that the issue of limiting nicotine content is now being investigated, especially in light of the fact that the nicotine content of white snus is often several times higher than in traditional snus."

Want to ban the sale of nicotine products

An inquiry is currently looking at a very wide range of issues in the tobacco and nicotine field, including the possibility of banning the sale of tobacco and nicotine products in the same way as alcohol, a ban on the stocking of unauthorised products and a cap on the nicotine content of nicotine pouches.

"Banning drug trafficking is an important part of protecting children and young people." said Mr Hultberg.

The debate on nicotine products is available on the Parliament's website:
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