Warns of millions of pirated disposable models

E-cigarette manufacturer Geekvape, the company behind the disposable Elf Bar, is now warning that there are likely millions of counterfeit Elf Bars on the market. This comes after the company says it has uncovered 120 factories manufacturing Elf Bar without authorisation.

"It involves warehouses, logistics chains and a network of international retailers. Two million devices have been seized, along with millions of packages and associated fake authentication codes" the company writes in a press release.

"Difficult to detect copies"

Elf Bar now encourages retailers to carefully check the authenticity of the goods they order and check that everything is correct before selling. They are also asking customers to scan the code on the parcel before opening it. 

"It can be difficult to detect counterfeit products on the market and the risk is particularly high when they enter established supply chains. These counterfeit products are made in appalling conditions and safety checks are completely non-existent" says Mr Victor Xiao, CEO of ElfBar.

The market for disposables has exploded

Elf Bar has captured a significant share of the disposable vape market in the UK and elsewhere. The models are also available in Sweden. At the same time, the market for disposable models has grown explosively in both Europe and Sweden. Since they appeared on the market 15 years ago, e-cigarettes have mostly been sold in specialised shops or online. But in recent years, larger chains such as Circle K and Pressbyrån have started selling disposable e-cigs alongside cigarettes, snus and nicotine pouches.

Warning comes after an investigation into fake vape factories by ELFBAR

You can find out more about Elf Bar here:
Accused of marketing to minors

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