EU halts Danish flavour ban - temporarily

"We use the time to convince politicians that they are doing wrong"

E-cigarettes in Denmark.
The Danish government's plan to ban flavoured e-juice goes against the EU Tobacco Directive. This is clear after the European Commission issued its opinion on the new laws the Danish government wants to introduce.

"If this is true, the government really needs to present good arguments to implement the flavour ban. And at the moment they have no real arguments" says Jeanett Bergfriedt Andersen, active in the consumer organisation for vejpare in Denmark, DADAFO

Such as the Road Column previously reported the Danish government wants to ban all flavours except tobacco and menthol in e-cigarettes and e-liquid. However, in order for the ban to be implemented, it must first fit within the EU. The EU Tobacco Directive. And as the Directive is currently drafted, it is primarily tobacco products in the form of cigarettes that should be restricted in terms of flavourings. Other similar products, such as pipe and roll-your-own tobacco and tobacco-free e-cigarettes, have been given an exemption in the Directive - on this particular point.

"The derogation can only be cancelled by the European Commission. And for this to happen, special circumstances must apply. For example, something has drastically changed since the directive was drafted which means that flavours in e-cigarettes should be restricted in Denmark," writes the European Commission. Thierry Breton in a letter to the Danish government.

Ban on flavours in e-cigs delayed

The Commission now expects the Danish government to explain in detail why they want to ban flavours in e-juice. The Commission also wants to know why tobacco and menthol flavours remain allowed, but not other flavours.

In practice, this means that the upcoming legislative change is delayed. And, according to Jeanett Bergfriedt Andersen, that deadline can make all the difference. Especially for those e-cigarette users who want to keep their flavours.

"We will use the time to convince politicians of the huge mistake they are making by banning. The European Commission is challenging the government and wants clear arguments. But the government and those behind the proposal don't actually have any solid arguments today."

Weeping has decreased - without a ban

At present, figures show that smoking has fallen sharply in Denmark in recent years. This also applies to e-cigarettes. According to Jeanett Bergfriedt Andersen, it is clear that stricter regulations are not necessary.

"At least those of us working against this have our feet on the ground in terms of facts. Hopefully, the politicians will at least read their own reports on smoking and vejpning."

"Must fight for our rights"

Since the flavour ban was announced at the end of last year, consumer organisation DADAFO organised information campaigns and demonstrations to draw attention to the issue. But in the end, Jeanett Bergfriedt Andersen says that Danish vejpers need to raise their voices.

"My hope is that the European Commission's actions will actually make more vejpers react and start fighting for their rights," she told Vejpkollen.

The Danish government has until 19 October to respond to the European Commission's questions on the upcoming flavour ban.

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