Calls on the Minister of Social Affairs to change his mind on road pricing

The clear position of the British Medical Association The use of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation programme has prompted a reaction from Swedish MP David Josefsson (M). He is now calling on the Swedish Minister for Social Affairs, Lena Hallengren, to change her stance on vejpning.
"The Swedish government's tobacco policy is based solely on prohibition. We want to emphasise that there are other ways of looking at nicotine, tobacco and smoking cessation," says David Josefsson to Vejpkollen.

David Josefsson (m) is one of several politicians questioning government policy in terms of alternative nicotine products. The government's proposal for a new strategy to tackle the harm caused by alcohol, drugs, doping, narcotics and gambling (ANDTS) will put smoking tobacco on an equal footing with snus, nicotine pouches and electronic cigarettes. At the same time, a ban against flavours in e-cigarettes is out for consultation. If it becomes a reality, the development of new nicotine products is likely to stall, says Mr Josefsson.

A less harmful alternative

As previously reported by Vejpkollen Royal College of Physicians, RCP (equivalent to the Swedish Medical Association) that it is important to distinguish between different nicotine products. And that smokers need to be made aware of the modern research that supports vejpning as a less harmful alternative to cigarettes.

"It is interesting for the Swedish debate when such a reputable organisation as the RCP takes such a clear position. That they say that e-cigarettes are not only less harmful but even want to encourage smokers to try them, through government campaigns" says David Josefsson.

"It's about freedom and public health"

The Royal College of Physicians also suggests that the warnings on e-cigarettes should clearly state that vejp is probably substantially less dangerous than smoking tobacco.

"Is the Minister prepared to take initiatives, in accordance with the recommendations of the Royal College of Physicians, regarding vejpning in Sweden? That is the question. I hope she will take the information on board and that we will have a more sober debate about tobacco and nicotine in Sweden. For me, this is as much about freedom as it is about public health." David Josefsson.

You can read David Josefsson's question to Lena Hallengren in Parliament here!

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