Major Swedish e-cigarette forum extinguished by Facebook

One of Sweden's largest e-cig forums on Facebook, Vape Club Sweden, was suddenly shut down on Monday. And in less than a moment, three years of discussions, answers to important questions and steamy pictures were gone forever.

"We lost all the accumulated information, tips and tricks, beginners' guides, links to instructional videos, live broadcasts and handchecks. And probably a lot of members. It's too much to list," says Mr Perez. Teus Matteusson, who together with Pontus Henriksson and several others, founded the Vape Club Sweden, to Vejpkollen

"Very free forum"

Vape Club Sweden has been running for three years and was one of Sweden's largest forums for e-cigarette users, with over 3200 members. "The group started with the idea of a free forum, where the only rule was common sense," says the coil maker. Teus Matteusson

"After a disagreement in another large group about hand cheques, tips on shops and so on, we decided to start a new group. We had only one rule from the beginning: use common sense. There were a few more after a few incidents, but we've stuck to the idea that it should be free," says Mr Perez. Teus Matteusson.

Mixed content - and conflicts

The Vape Club has been a forum where questions about vejping, smoking cessation and troublesome mods are mixed with posts from Swedish vejpshoppar. But the high ceilings have also created conflicts from time to time," says Mr Perez. Teus Matteusson

"Those who misbehave have been banned for a period of time, how long depends on what has happened. We have become strict there," he says.

Groups with similar names closed

What caused the shutdown is difficult to speculate on, according to Teus Matteusson. But other vejpning-themed groups with similar names have also disappeared recently.

"Some time ago, Facebook was chasing illegal trading and we moved buy and sell records to a new group. We got a few strikes before that, but the last one was supposed to be removed within a month. I guess they found something else wrong. We didn't get a proper explanation from Facebook about why they closed us and our appeal didn't go through.

Important information on e-cigarettes

Facebook forums have long been important sources of information on electronic cigarettes. Not only in Sweden. Some international forums have over 75,000 members.

"FB groups give us an important community, even if you don't get along with everyone. But together, we can overcome most things, we just have to work in the right direction," says Mr Perez. Teus Matteusson.

Created new forum immediately

And just a few hours after closing, a new group was created: V@pe Club Sweden.

"We start with clean slates, a new leaf, so to speak. There are many who feel that we have a new chance. Most people will probably keep an extra eye out to make sure it's not the same thing again," says Teus Matteusson to Vejpkollen.

The new and old V@pe Club Sweden 18+ has a strict age limit of 18 years and requires applicants to answer questions before being admitted. The link can be found here:

V@pe Club Sweden 18+

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1 Comment on “Stort svenskt forum för e-cigaretter släckt av Facebook

  1. How incredibly sad that Facebook does not recognise the positive impact of electronic cigarettes on global public health.
    But perhaps not so strange. Billions are pumped into lobbyists' pockets by the tobacco industry and, not to mention, the pharmaceutical industry, which has a lot to lose from the lack of sales of ineffective cessation products.

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