Trump backs down on e-cigarettes "Reacted strongly to the protests"

After months of concern, rumours are now leaking that Donald Trump is backing down on banning flavoured e-juices in the US. The reason is said to be the threat of up to 100,000 jobs if a ban is enforced.

The intense debate on e-cigarettes in the US took a new turn this morning when White House sources revealed to the Washington Post that Donald Trump has been reluctant to sign the executive order that would ban flavouring in vejp products nationwide.
The pressure from various anti-vape groups has been enormous. The argument has been that young people are being harmed by the products and that the flavours are the cause. Meanwhile, proponents of vejp companies, along with tens of thousands of vejpers around the country, have been protesting loudly through social media, demonstrations and other actions. Under the slogan "We vape, we vote" a few thousand vejpers gathered outside the White House last week.

According to an anonymous source in the Washington Post, Trump was caught off guard by the reaction to the announced flavour ban.

"Trump saw demonstrations, read articles, and his campaign manager reportedly warned him that the decision would cost him in the upcoming election. Trump initially didn't know much about e-cigarettes and is now quite upset with the way the health secretary has handled the issue," according to Washington Post

What happens next is unclear. According to the Washington Post, discussions are ongoing to move forward on the issue.

Vaping has long been a hot potato, with federal legislation delayed and local politicians taking drastic measures to address what anti-vejp lobbyists call a "youth health crisis". Outright bans or attempts to ban the flavouring have abounded in recent months, while sales of e-cigarettes have plummeted.

After the authorities concluded that the lung diseases linked to e-cigarettes were more related to illicit drugs than to nicotine and regular e-cigs, several influential commentators and politicians have taken a stand in favour of a more sustainable solution to the issue. In a letter to the President, the head of the country's internal security appeals to him, Ron Johnson, not to deal with e-cigarettes by banning them but to legislate responsibly.

"I am in favour of legislation that ensures safe products for consumers and sensible measures against young people getting hold of e-cigarettes. But if adults do not have access to these products, we run the risk that many people will go back to smoking cigarettes or simply turn to the black market to get them," he said. Ron Johnson in his letter to the President

According to Ron Johnson a flavour ban would ruin 10,000 smaller vejp shops across the US.
According to rumours leaked from the White House, discussions include raising the age for purchasing all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to 21 instead of 18. This proposal is also supported by most major industry organisations and anti-vejp groups. So far, however, neither the President nor his advisors have made a statement on the issue.

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