P1 Kropp o Själ on E-cigarettes - "Poorly informed".

Vejpshoppers: "The industry is gagged"?

Vape in the media. E-cigarettes are a hot topic right now. Against the backdrop of several deaths in the US linked to e-cigarettes with illegal THC juices, several media outlets have taken a greater than usual interest in the health risks of vejpning.
However, industry representatives are rarely involved in the discussions.

The radio programme "Body and Soul" followed the trend and broadcast a programme on Tuesday about e-cigarettes. The theme was lung disease in the US and the fact that young people in the country are increasingly testing and using e-cigarettes. The reporter then visited Swedish young people and a vejp shop in Stockholm.

In the discussion that followed, three Swedish scientists invited to the studio told the listeners that Swedish science has nothing to offer when it comes to vejpning, really.

"We are not keeping up with independent research" said the doctor. Magnus Lundbäck, who has conducted studies on e-cigarettes for the organisation Hjärt-Lungfonden, among others.

Missing out on independent research

The statement has been Niklas Sandin, who runs one of Sweden's largest vejp shops, Esmokes, to react.

"There are any number of independent studies," says Mr S. Niklas Sandin to Vejpkollen. "If the researchers choose not to include them in their analyses, it may be true that they don't know anything. Bissart."

Niklas Sandin points out that Public Health England has been conducting independent research on e-cigarettes for several years. The agency summarises its conclusions in an annual report: E-cigarettes - an evidence update. According to Public Health England, e-cigarettes are not entirely risk-free, but are significantly less harmful than cigarettes. In the UK, doctors are encouraged to support smokers who want to quit using e-cigarettes. vejpning is considered equivalent to, if not better than, traditional nicotine medicines.

"One-sided discussion"

Niklas Sandin argues that Swedish Radio misses important aspects because it simply did not include a representative of any of the companies trading e-cigarettes in Sweden. The discussion becomes one-sided, he says

"There are of course some problems with e-cigarettes that we should talk about, I would be the first to agree. But this programme, and many others like it, very rarely go in depth about the benefits. They are never informed presenters, but instead let the guests, who are always anti-vejpning, rant as much as they like. There is no balance. I want to see a debate with someone from Hjärt-Lungfonden and anyone who can represent the industry in a good way." says Niklas Sandin

When listening to the programme, you can get the impression that the companies working with e-cigarettes and vejping are misleading customers. That there is no evidence to show the health risks of e-cigarettes. What research do you refer to in your shops?

"In particular, we refer to the major study carried out by the UK Department of Health. Many of our customers are also aware of the risks of smoking cigarettes and understand that e-cigarettes are risk minimisation, not health food. It's not something we try to push on people either. We are promoting e-cigarettes as an excellent alternative to an incredibly dangerous product, which cigarettes are." says Niklas Sandin

The law on marketing allows virtually no advertising for e-cigarettes in Sweden. What do you do in the industry to be visible in the media?

"Well, as you write, the Consumer Agency has put spanners in all our media wheels. Hook legs, rim legs, you name it. We can't do much more than communicate with our customers through our social channels such as Instagram, Facebook and our newsletter. Since the industry is gagged, it is difficult for us to reach out, which is probably the answer to why the Swedish market is still relatively small." says Niklas Sandin.

"No need to invite the industry"

Vejpkollen has contacted the editorial team at Body and mind for a direct comment on the reasoning behind the report on Swedish radio. However, the editorial team has commented on the issue via Body and Soul Facebook page: 

"We had a report with vejpare in the programme, but we are a health programme so it didn't seem relevant to have the industry involved," the editors write in the comments section.

Listen to the report here:
Body and Soul on e-cigarettes

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  1. Very good article. It would have been better if an attempt had been made to reach those responsible for body and soul for comment. It would have made the article more professional

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