E-cigs help 50,000 Brits quit smoking - every year

"Twice as effective as nicotine patches and chewing gum"

50,000 smokers quit annually using e-cigarettes in the UK. This is according to research from Cancer Research UK.

"We seem to have found a good balance between regulation and marketing of e-cigarettes in England. " the researchers write in its report swhich was published in Addiction magazine this week.

The new study is based on data collected between 2007 and 2016. The researchers interviewed smokers who use e-cigarettes to quit and then followed up on their quitting behaviour. developments one year later.

"This study adds to previous research, clinical trials, which show that e-cigarettes really do help smokers quit" says Mr Snyder. Dr Emma Beard, chief scientist at the University of London, told the newspaper The Evening Standard.

Increases the possibility of quitting smoking

Previous research has shown that e-cigarettes are almost twice as effective in quitting smoking compared to traditional nicotine replacement therapies. Most recently, in January 2019 Cancer Research UK and the National Institute for Health research a randomised trial with 1000 participants. which compared different smoking cessation methods.

1000 people participated in the study and were randomly divided into two groups: one that used gum, patches and sprays, and one that allowed participants to use e-cigarettes. All received support from their local stop smoking centre for a period of a few weeks.

After one year, the nine per cent of participants using traditional means quit smoking without relapsing. Among those who used e-cigarettes, the corresponding figure was 18 per cent.

Less risk of relapse

British health authority, Public Health of Englandsays that the studies clearly show that e-cigarettes play a significant role for smokers trying to quit. In addition, they say that vejpning stands out among the different methods, as users actually seem to be able to like the products, something that reduces the risk of relapse even after longer periods.

Calls on smokers to use e-cigs

The UK Department of Health has been investing heavily in research on vejpning for some time now, actively encouraging smokers to switch from analogue cigarettes to e-cigarettes. And this is something that has been appreciated by Cancer Research UK.

"E-cigarettes are a relatively new product, and we don't know all the long-term effects. But we do know, with the research available today, that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful to the user than regular cigarettes. And it is gratifying that as many as 50,000 smokers annually quit smoking with the help of vejpning", says Mr Perez. George Butterworth, Cancer Research UK, to The Evening Standard.

At the same time, the researchers are concerned that the growing use of e-cigarettes in the United Kingdom stopped slightly since 2015.

The reason is alarmist and, according to the researchers, distorted information about the risks of e-cigarettes. Risks that are not related to the risks of cigarette smoking.

Incorrect knowledge about nicotine

Only half of UK smokers think e-cigarettes are much less harmful than cigarettes. This was shown in a February 2019 study. The misconception was greatest among smokers who never tried to vejpa.

'It is possible that smokers choose not to test e-cigarettes due to misinformation about both nicotine and vejphing. "Much of the public debate in our media focuses on the possible harmful effects of e-cigarettes. However, we rarely see debate on how harmful cigarettes really are to public health," said Mr Perez. Dr Leonie BroseInstitute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience to the medical journal Medical Express.

According to the statistics 1500 smokers every week in the UK from smoking-related injuries. However, by correcting misconceptions about nicotine, society can help smokers find a less harmful method of getting the nicotine, according to the report. Leonie Brose.


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1 Comment on “E-cigg hjälper 50 000 britter att sluta röka – varje år

  1. Well, I can only refer to my own experience.
    In about 25 attempts to stop using chewing gum, plasters and the like, there were 25 failures. Never lasted more than a couple of weeks before giving up.
    Made 1 attempt with e-cigarettes and it has now lasted for 8 years. The only relapse was 1 cigar, after the birth of our child, which I had to force myself. VALUABLE!!!

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