Scientists: Health risks of e-cigs are exaggerated

"Unwarranted fear of e-cigarettes leads to more lives lost"

British Health Servicethe authority criticises theorskare and media that do not provide clear information on e-cigarettes and their health risks.
- We are concerned that the public increasingly believes that using authorised e-cigarettes can be acutely dangerous. This is preventing smokers from quitting with the help of vejpning," said Mr Gates. John Newton director of public health at Public Health England, to the Pharmathutical Journal.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently published another study on the outbreak of lung diseases linked to e-cigarettes in autumn 2019. The CDC notes that the damage has not affected those who use e-cigarettes with nicotine. It is mainly young men who have used uncontrolled cannabis oil in their vejpdon that have become ill.

"Most, if not all, known cases are linked to these illegal THC products. This must be compared to the 9 million Americans and over 3 million Britons who use e-cigarettes on a daily basis. We haven't seen any comparable cases there," said Mr Gauthier. John Newton to the Pharmacutical Journal.

Sales drop dramatically

The statement comes as worldwide sales of e-cigarettes are falling in the shadow of the lung damage in the US. Although it was recognised early on that THC (cannabis) was involved in most of the cases, news reports have often focused on other health risks associated with cannabis. e-cigarettes. The decline in sales also applies in Sweden.

"Monthly sales have fallen sharply. And the proportion of smokers choosing to switch to e-cigarettes has dropped." Said Niklas Linder who runs Swedish mixology and is active in the trade association for electronic cigarettes for the EU. Vejpkollen earlier in October.

Calls for other methods

The Swedish media is also using the tragic events in the US to highlight the suspected health risks of regular e-cigarettes. Both TV4 and Swedish Radio, two of our largest media outlets, have featured vejpning in recent weeks.

"We know too little about e-cigarettes and research is not keeping up," the doctor said. Magnus Lundbäck i P1 programme Body and Soul, most recently last week.

Swedish Public health authorities says that no single substance can be linked to the diseases in the US, but that several cases are related to THC products. At the same time, the agency encourages smokers to use other preparations to quit smoking.

Relatively much lower risk

According to Public Health England, it is unfortunate that authorities are not being more responsible in their communication of the lung damage in the US. The events have caused great concern, not only among vejpers, but also among smokers.

"This reinforces the need for authorities to be clear and consistent in informing the public about the relatively much lower risks posed by e-cigarettes compared to cigarettes. If the fear of e-cigarettes increases, it means that many lives will be lost," said Mr Higgins. John Newton to the Pharmacutical Journal.

Significantly less harmful

Public Health England has been urging smokers to switch to e-cigarettes for several years. They base their position on extensive independent research showing that e-cigarettes reduce health risks compared to smoking by 95 (or more) per cent.

"Of course, it is not possible to put an absolute figure on health risks and safety. But the figure is useful because it reinforces the message - that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than conventional cigarettes. When you smoke, you inhale thousands of chemicals resulting from combustion, many of them carcinogenic, others affecting the nervous system, blood vessels and heart. So it is not difficult to be 95 less harmful than cigarettes, John Newton told the TV channel. CNBC earlier this year. (follow the link to watch the full interview via CNBC's YouTube)

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