Large seizure of unauthorised disposable weapons in Denmark

Danish police have seized 18,000 disposable vapes and 2,900 litres of e-liquid flavouring that is illegal to sell in Denmark. This was done in a raid on a factory linked to an online sales site.

The black market for e-cigarettes is extensive in Denmark. According to several reports in the Danish media, it is mainly through illicit trade that minors get hold of e-cigarettes. highly regulated products. At the same time, many flavours are banned in the country and disposable cigarettes are so tightly regulated that they can hardly be sold at all.

"When it comes to disposable models, it is not a ban per se, but is based on the requirement that an e-cigarette must be child-resistant. And there are few disposable models that are, according to the interpretation of our authorities," says Mr Perez. Kim Dabelstein Petersen, Chairman of the Dadafo user association.

Only one legal model

Disposable vapes are usually activated by simply sucking the nozzle. Currently, there is only one model that is considered childproof and is authorised for sale on the market in Denmark. This model has a safety latch that must be pressed in order to activate the device.

Does not prevent minors

Now, the restriction of legal access has not prevented minors from acquiring disposable weapons. The black market is large, notes Kim Dabelstein Petersen. Since last year, all flavourings, except so-called tobacco flavouring and menthol, have been excluded, banned from sale in Denmark. The ban has had a major impact on vejp shoppers who have severely limited their ranges.

"Of course there is a basis for a black market. There was a white market before the ban. If you go on social media and search for e-cigarettes and e-liquid, you will find them in several closed forums. These can be buy-sell groups where experienced vejp users can find the flavours and devices they are used to. But for a young person who wants a mango vejp, it's very easy to find them via Snapchat, Instagram and similar social media. Bans don't work against this," says Kim Dabelstein Petersen.

Confiscated flavour shots

In the autumn of 2022, the Danish Safety Board flavourings (so-called Flavour shots) from a shop in Aalborg, which they claimed were used to flavour neutral e-liquid with something other than tobacco flavour or menthol. The shop owner has lodged an appeal and the case is pending in court.

The Danish Safety Board has also warned Swedish vejpshoppers against selling to Danish citizens, which has led to several retailers closing all sales to Denmark.

TT (via MSN): Nicotine factory uncovered in Denmark

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