The flavour ban in the US: shortfills will be the solution?

Shortfills could be the solution to the ban on flavoured e-juice. The method has been used in Europe for a few years since new regulations limited the size of bottles containing nicotine.

The turmoil surrounding the sudden flavour ban in the state of Michigan took an unexpected turn today. This after it became clear that only flavoured e-juice with nicotine is banned, according to the MetroTimes newspaper.

Europeans and Swedish vejpers have become accustomed to buying flavoured e-juice and nicotine separately - a so-called shortfill - since the introduction of the E-Cigarette Act in 2017. It is an established system and now this method is proposed for vejp users and vejp shoppers in the state of Michigan. The state was the first to ban the sale of flavoured e-juice (followed by New York).

"The ban no longer applies to possession," writes MetroTimes. "Road users can buy flavoured juice and pour nicotine into it" 

According to the paper, the approach would still make the ban effective in keeping young people away from e-cigarettes with nicotine, but allow adults to continue using them.

"It's not perfect, but better than a total ban," says the American Vaping Association's president. Greg Conley to MetroTimes. "At least now vejpers know there is a possibility. They don't have to start smoking again"

How this information affects the situation of the New York flavour ban has not been revealed.

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