UK: Large e-juice factory completely destroyed by fire

Vape and e-juice manufacturer Dinner Lady's factory in Blackburn has burned down. Although the fire filled the town with black smoke, no one was injured. However, the factory was completely destroyed.
"It's all gone, along with our entire last order," notes Fritte Vanecek of Eciggkedjan, one of several distributors of Dinner Lady's e-juices in Sweden.

On 12 September, a fire broke out in one of the UK's largest e-liquid and vape product factories. Dinner Lady's e-juice lines and disposable models are some of the best-selling in the world, but due to the fire, it has decided to temporarily stop all sales from its website. 

"We expect to be able to transfer and continue production in other factories. Both business customers and end customers will receive their deliveries via different locations while we deal with the unfortunate situation," writes the company. Vape Dinner Lady via its website.

One of the biggest in e-juice

Vape Dinner Lady has been around since 2016 and currently employs over 200 people. This makes Dinner Lady one of the largest e-juice manufacturers in the world. According to information in the Grocer trade magazine, the company supplies e-juice and disposable vapes to supermarkets and convenience stores in 115 countries. 

"There may be some disruption to deliveries, but we are continuing to take orders," a spokesperson for Dinner Lady told us. the Grocer.

"Everything turned to ashes"

In Sweden, Dinner Lady's products are distributed via several different suppliers, one of which is the Ecigg chain. Product manager Fritte Vanecek notes that the company's last big order was in the warehouse when the fire broke out. Many pallets of EU-regulated 10 millilitre bottles and specially produced labels in Swedish went up in smoke.

"Yes, it turned to ash. But they worked fairly quickly at Dinner Lady and now we are expecting a new delivery at the beginning of next week," says Fritte Vanecek, who does not believe that the fire will affect deliveries to any great extent.

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