Nicotine products attract more and more people to small shops

Nicotine products are highly valued when we shop in convenience stores and petrol stations. This is according to a new consumer survey from the industry organisation Convenience Stores Sweden.
"More and more people cite cigarettes and snus as the main reason for going to a convenience store. It is also noteworthy that 41 per cent are interested in trying new nicotine products such as nicotine pouches and e-cigarettes." Reports the magazine Convenience Stores Sweden News.

For the eleventh year in a row, Convenience Stores Sweden has conducted the survey. "Consumer Insight Report" - as a resource for members to assess demand and plan their activities. This year's report shows that the tobacco category is larger than ever. Of all the product categories, it was the one that increased the most as a reason for the visit. Nearly 37 per cent of customers cited this as their main reason, an increase of 7 per cent on previous years. And this is especially true for snus.

"We have confirmation that snus is the largest product category here. We also see that it is mainly younger customers who choose to go to the petrol station or convenience store to buy their snus" writes CSS News.

E-cigs in convenience stores attract customers

Disposable weapons, which only been in the range for a few years, now seems to have established itself in the market. Among nicotine products, e-cigarettes, or vapes, stand out along with white snus and nicotine pouches. These have proved to be products that attract an increasing number of customers, the CSS notes in its analysis. Nicotine pouches and e-cigs mainly attract people aged 18 to 29.

'These products stand out in terms of nicotine products in general. Interestingly, a full 41 per cent of tobacco customers say they are willing or very willing to try a new nicotine product. There's a good chance they will choose the convenience store to do so," writes CSS News.

Charging stations and playgrounds

Alongside nicotine products, fresh produce and convenience are high on the list of things that attract customers to smaller convenience stores. Charging stations adjacent to the facilities are appreciated by customers - but also playgrounds, cafes with indoor and outdoor seating, stood out among the answers of the 1500 people who responded to the survey.

Facts: Nicotine products in convenience stores (convenience stores, petrol stations, large and small food chains, supermarkets in Sweden).
Consumers Insight Report - 2023″

- 35 per cent of the respondents in the survey had a shopping mission to buy snus and cigarettes. The proportion with this shopping mission has increased from 30 to 35 per cent in recent years.

- Younger customer groups buy nicotine products to a greater extent than older ones. This applies to all product groups, but young people stand out mainly in the segments nicotine pouches/white snus and e-cigarettes/vapes where the share is lower among older respondents. 

- There is a general openness to trying new nicotine products. 41% say they are willing or very willing to try a new nicotine product.

- Supermarkets, betting and tobacco shops and supermarkets are important channels for purchasing new nicotine products. The three most common channels for new nicotine products or flavours are, supermarkets (41%), betting & tobacco shops (38%) and supermarkets (36%).

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