(C) says no to flavour ban - wants to wait for investigation

The Centre Party does not want to ban flavours in e-cigarettes and e-liquid. At least not until an investigation into the harmful effects of various nicotine products has had its say. This was made clear after the party responded to the government's proposal in the Social Affairs Committee.

"We share the government's view that it is urgent to slow down the trend of increased use of e-cigarettes among children and young people." writes the Centre Party via the MP Sofia Nilsson in a motion setting out the reasons for the government's proposals for Tougher rules for new nicotine products.

At the same time, the Centre Party believes that the ban on flavourings proposed by the government is not based on science.

"Banning flavours on all e-cigarette liquids now, including liquids that not contains nicotine, appears unscientific and premature. This is not least because, as recently as 24 March 2022, the Government instructed the Public Health Agency of Sweden to compile and make available knowledge about the harmful effects of various tobacco and nicotine products," writes the Centre Party.

"Deeply problematic"

According to the Centre Party, the bill also lacks a proper impact assessment of how a possible taste ban would affect the market. This is remarkable, as the government expresses concerns about this in its own report, according to the Centre Party.

"According to the government's investigation, there is already a significant trade in e-cigarette liquids from other EU countries, with private imports accounting for a significant proportion of Swedish consumption. The extent of private imports is, according to the investigation, "deeply problematic" as there is a risk that private imports allow companies to circumvent excise duties and Swedish regulations" writes the Centre Party

Lack of impact assessment

Therefore, the party wants to see a better analysis before there is talk of any kind of ban.

"Before any decision is made to ban flavour and fragrance additives in tobacco-free nicotine products, we believe that an analysis is needed of how this would affect private imports and the overall consumption of these products." writes the Centre Party

The Committee on Social Affairs will discuss the proposal on stricter rules for new nicotine products from 10 May to early June. Parliament will vote on the proposal on 21 June.

You can read the Centre Party motion in full here.
With regard to Bill 2021/22:200 Tighter rules for new nicotine products
Motion 2021/22:4645 by Sofia Nilsson and others (C)

The government's proposal:
Tougher rules for new nicotine products - Bill 2021/22:200

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2 Comments on “(C) säger nej till smakförbud – vill invänta utredning

  1. Sounds quite hopeful, if it is only s, v and mp who are in favour of "taste ban" then it will never go through. I also hope that the members vote according to their own heads and not according to some kind of party line. Then maybe you can get some who are against even in these parties.

  2. The almost comically naive aspect of the government's taste ban is that 100,000 vejpers will say "well, I'll vejpake tobacco then".
    Not just private imports from Europe, which I see as just a tax problem, but private imports/organised smuggling of unapproved substances from Asia etc. On top of this we have domestic black market production, which any reasonably experienced vejper knows how to do. All ingredients are legally available in Sweden, so it is highly unlikely that it would not be a big deal, especially as the profit margins are sky high when you "home mix".
    It is not a question of "if", but "when" we will see the first poisoning injuries due to faulty ingredients in moonshine juice.

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