SD: "Make it a criminal offence to deal cigarettes and raise the age limit"

The Sweden Democrats want to raise the age limit for buying cigarettes and make it a criminal offence to sell to minors.
"It should be a criminal offence to buy, sell or give away cigarettes to someone who is underage, similar to the laws on alcohol". This is what MP Angelica Lundberg (SD) writes in a motion to the Parliament.

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Smoking causes nearly eight million deaths per year, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). According to the Swedish Public Health Agency, smoking is the cause of eight per cent of all deaths in Sweden. According to Angelica Lundberg (S&D), more efforts are needed to reduce smoking. She sees the extended smoking ban and the ban on flavoured cigarettes of recent years as insufficient. These measures can also fail, she says.

"Cigarettes and smoking tobacco are still legal to sell in Sweden and banning smoking in more and more places can easily be perceived as a witch hunt." writes Angelica Lundberg.

Increased age limits

Angelica Lundberg believes that the government and parliament can help more people quit smoking, but also prevent young people from starting. According to Angelica Lundberg, higher age limits are therefore an important tool.

"By gradually raising the age limit for buying cigarettes by one year at a time, we could phase out smoking. Those who are 18 today, and thus not allowed to buy cigarettes, would also not be allowed to do so after their 18th birthday." writes Angelica Lundberg.

Buying out cigarettes is a criminal offence

At the same time Angelica Lundberg make the repair of cigarettes a criminal offence. Today, only the sale itself is illegal. It is the seller who is responsible for ensuring that cigarettes (but also e-cigarettes and e-liquid containing nicotine) does not obviously end up with someone under 18.

"It would be reasonable to make it a criminal offence to buy, sell or give away cigarettes to someone who is underage. Similar to the laws that apply to alcohol, this would also prevent dealing in cigarettes" writes Angelica Lundberg

The motion will be discussed in Parliament in the autumn.

Motion: Preventing young people from becoming smokers

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