Researchers to study long-term effects of vejpning

Major study on how e-cigarettes affect the lungs - in non-smokers

Researchers in Italy and the US are preparing a study to see how vejpning affects the lungs of non-smokers. The researchers are looking for hundreds of participants from around the world. The study will last six years.

"Almost all studies looking at the health effects of e-cigarettes are based on users who are former smokers. It has been impossible to distinguish small effects from vejpningen from long-term effects caused by smoking. In this study, we test the hypothesis that e-cigarettes themselves do not cause measurable health effects." the researchers write in an appeal.

Long-term effects of e-cigarettes

Riccardo Polosa, an Italian doctor and professor, will lead the study. Polosa has previously published results of a similar study, limited to a small number of non-smokers in Italy who use e-cigarettes. The results showed that people who had not previously smoked cigarettes regularly did not show signs of lung damage, even after five years of 1TP8 use.

"At the same time, some lab tests on mice suggest that the vapour from e-cigarettes has the potential to damage the lungs. But it is extremely unclear how this works under real-world conditions." the researchers write.

Not harmless - but less toxic

The study is an important contribution to research on e-cigarettes and their potential health effects, say the researchers. 

"We know that the vapour is not completely harmless, but it contains significantly lower concentrations of toxins than cigarette smoke. This study helps us understand the absolute long-term risks of e-cigarettes. If there are any." write the researchers behind the study.

Volunteers are currently being recruited from all over the world. In total, 16 countries are represented (not Sweden, yet). But more can be added. Registration for the study can be done via Veritas website


Volunteers needed for large international study of the long-term effect of vaping on lung health

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