Stores in China stop e-cigarettes - concerns about new legislation

A statement by state health authorities in China has prompted some of the country's largest online stores to stop selling e-cigarettes. The New York Times reports. 

The vague statement briefly mentioned that the legislation on electronic cigarettes is about to change and that the authorities are worried that young Chinese people are being lured to use e-cigarettes.

"There is no law that prohibits the online sale of e-cigarettes in China today", Ou Junbiao from the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of China told the New York Times. The Committee suspects that legislators are concerned about the loss of tax revenue from cigarette sales in the country. Something that the rapidly growing e-cigarette industry is indirectly causing.

New legislation in the pipeline

China is by far the largest producer of weighing products in the world, particularly in terms of hardware exports. But the domestic market is also large, with over 7.4 million vapers in the country. But for the past month or so, there have been rumours that the authorities want to regulate the trade of e-cigarettes within China. Friday's announcement can be seen as another step towards new legislation that could potentially affect, among other things, the marketing of the products.

Companies focus on the US

The domestic market in China is also affected by events in the US, where the weighing of improperly manufactured cannabis products takes place led to several deaths. Now the authorities are planning possible restrictions on flavoured e-juices. Some companies in China have invested heavily in the US market. These companies will probably suffer severely financially if sales in the US continue to decline, according to Vejpkollen.

Large online companies such as However, Fasttech and Alibaba have not changed their offerings. of e-cigarettes after Friday's statement. But at the same time, these companies are exclusively engaged in exports and are not affected by domestic laws in the same way.

Big fall for the e-cigarette market

The THC crisis in the US is likely to lead to the rapid growth of the e-cigarette market. reduces drastically next year. A forecast by ECig-intelligence estimates that growth will be 0 per cent globally in 2020.
Before the summer, the forecast for 2020 was an increase of 14 per cent.

"We are concerned that the public, increasingly, believe that using authorised e-cigarettes can be acutely dangerous. It could prevent smokers from quitting smoking with the help of vaping" said John Newton Head of Public Health at Public Health England who maintains that regulated e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful to health than cigarettes.

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    1. Thank you for kind words! Lets hope the situation in China evolves into a reasonable legislation. And if there´s anything ragrding vaping that you feel we should look into, let me now! /stefan

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