Arizona says no - "Banning e-cigarettes is the wrong way to go"

Several US states are choosing to temporarily ban the sale of flavoured e-juice in response to the tragic deaths linked to vejpning (of cannabis products). But Arizona is taking a different route.

"We don't want children to use these products. There are adults who like these flavours and a ban could have unwanted consequences. I don't want to prevent someone who is addicted to nicotine from being able to buy the product they need and instead start using the black market to get the products. So we're going to act more thoughtfully," Arizona Governor Doug Ducey told the Arizona Capitol Times.

At the same time, there are major campaigns for the bans to continue and in addition to Michigan, Massachusetts and New York, Maine and Wisconsin are planning to restrict access to flavoured e-juice. However, a national ban on flavours is not on the cards, according to the federal authorities.

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