First event for road users since the beginning of the pandemic

As restrictions are being lifted and more Swedes are being vaccinated against COVID-19, an event for road users is opening in Gothenburg. The first in a long time. On Saturday it is time for Casino Night at Arcane Vape.
"The idea is to be a place for road users to hang out and socialise without having to worry about weaving at the same time" says Quest Leite.

Since 2019, the general smoking ban also applies to e-cigarettes. As you know, the smoking ban also applies to all premises open to the public. And although the public health authority can authorise exceptions for well-ventilated vape shops, the ban also applies there. And this has caused problems for shops, where it is virtually impossible to test the devices when customers need service or other help. Or just hang out and socialise.

"We had the opportunity to divide the shop with a wall and locked door, so we created a separate room. A vejp lounge. Only members are allowed in there. They can sit and talk, fiddle with stuff and do what they need to do," says Quest Leite, who runs Arcane Vape in Gothenburg.

Free to enter with membership

On Saturday, the doors open for the Vejp lounge's first event - Casino Night. A gaming night with casino, socialising and taping.

'It has been an idea from the beginning. To organise events like this. Joining the association is free, but you have to be a member to enter the lounge," says Quest Leite.

Local road associations are needed

This is not the first time vejpare has formed a club in Gothenburg. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, vejpare met regularly in the GBG SteamClub. But the pandemic put a temporary stop to the activity. Arcane Vape opened its doors in the middle of a pandemic, and did not expect a large influx of people at first. But cohesion is important, says Quest Leite. Especially when e-cigarettes and vaping as a phenomenon are facing new laws and restrictions that could change everything.

"We need local organisations - a living community. I want to help create that, at least in Gothenburg. And of course it's good for the store too. We are open at the same time"

"Gotta get pissed off"

Quest Leite and Arcane Vape have previously been current in Vejpkollen, but in the context of the proposed the flavour ban initiated by the government. Two politicians have visited shop for articles in Vejpkollen. Meetings that could mean a lot in the future.

"We as road users need to get pissed off. Because our politicians are trying to kill us. They want us to smoke instead of vaping," Quest Leite told Vejpkollen at the time. the store opened, in autumn 2020.

Casino Night takes place on Saturday 3 July and starts at 15:00.

2 Comments on “Första eventet för vejpare sedan pandemin började

  1. It is true what Quest says that some politicians and especially the fanatics in the anti-nicotine lobby are trying to kill people. They fantasise about the new pure nicotine-free human race, and they would rather see people smoke, get sick later in life and perhaps die than use nicotine in a way that doesn't kill them and, God forbid, enjoy it. Therefore, they cannot accept vaping, snus, nicotine pellets and heat-not-burn.

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